A “mission impossible” at the asv?

A 'mission impossible' at the asv?

The former youngest coach in the district serves his successor with a steep pass. Benjamin mair is 23 years young and, after serious injuries, is the full-time coach of ASV hochstadt. After the successful derby coup against TSV hochstadt, he senses new opportunities in the relegation battle and plans to further develop his young team in the medium term and drive it forward.

Who has alluded to them?
Mair: the alex schliffka. We regularly talk about soccer as colleagues at work. He had inherited the title of the youngest coach from my ASV predecessor markus fleischer. Like him, alex has proven in everyday league life that he is a very good coach and has his team under control.

What does your laueg look like?
A few years ago i celebrated three promotions with erlangen-bruck, i was a regular player of the second team and was in the extended circle of the first team, when a cruciate ligament rupture including cartilage and meniscus damage in the left knee threw me back in 2009. The season was over for me and the bayernliga far away. Since a change of position was also pending, markus fleischer’s offer to help build up a team came just in time. After the first games of the promotion season, it hit me full on: cruciate ligament rupture in the left knee.
I was fighting my way back until the summer of 2010, when I tore the cruciate ligament in my right knee – again, without the intervention of an opponent. The cartilage damage is irreparable, the consequences – pain under load and less mobility – i keep. That’s why I stopped playing and have markus from now on supported by auben.
When he became a father and resigned from his post, and the ASV approached me, the decision was an easy one. The club is in a good position and the team has potential, even if it was eight points away from the safety net in the winter. I am sure that if we stay in the league, we will be able to play a role that has nothing to do with the relegation fight next season. However, the 4:1 derby win last weekend was only the first step in this direction. Of course it was a special game, also for me. But there is a long way to go.

What do you expect from the weekend?
Tomorrow’s game against vfb forchheim will be a mentally tough affair. I don’t need to motivate anyone for a derby against TSV, that’s what seven weeks of preparation were geared towards. There was every. Now I’m trying to get the team ready for an opponent who will also be in the back and who will play well from the first to the 90th minute. Minute will run for survival. They will certainly look for the game through the fight, but if we stand up to them and keep our order, then I expect a positive outcome for us.

Who will you pass on to?
I play to matthias zenger, the coach of FC herzogenaurach II. He is in the same situation as I am, he is also struggling with cartilage damage and has therefore become a full-time coach. Tomorrow he meets the SC munchaurach, so two of my youth clubs play against each other. I wish a great, fair game and all the best to matthias for the rest of the season!

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