Altstadtfest ends on sunday already at 20 o’clock

Altstadtfest ends on sunday already at 20 o'clock

There the "smiley" probably unintentionally triggered a new debate about the attractiveness of the city of herzogenaurach. As the musician on his facebook page the changed times at the coming altstadtfest (31. May until 2. June), a discussion developed not only about the pros and cons of the decision, but also about whether it would. Criticisms were quickly voiced that it would be good for a "sleep city of herzogenaurach" if the festival should end on sunday at 8 p.M. Instead of at 10 p.M. One comment, for example, was: "one more step towards the sleeping city". That's the way they want it. Maybe next year it will only be for two more days. Who female?"

The responsible persons in the city hall really can't do anything about it. For the decision to change the times was unanimous and was a wish of the clubs themselves. They had been invited to a meeting in the meeting room. And all of them, as mayor german hacker (SPD) confirmed in response to a question from our editorial team. 42 participating clubs and businessmen were contacted, 26 accepted the invitation. And all spoke unanimously for the time changes. This means: on the sunday of the old town festival, the music will already stop at 8 p.M. For this, on saturday will be extended by half an hour to midnight.

More commitment needed
Thomas "smiley" schonfelder, the recently re-elected chairman of the music initiative herzogenaurach (MIH), did not want to address a supposed lack of attractiveness of the city. His credo is different. Who only criticizes there constantly, should just take something in the hand themselves. Smiley: "get involved. Makes what!"

It is to him with his criticism on facebook – literally he wrote among other things: "the altstadtfest 2013 will be finished on sunday already at 20 o'clock. Crass or? My enthusiasm is limited, to say the least" – only about the old town festival. Because the two hours on sunday evening will be missed by the MIH, said schonfelder. Because there "was the castle yard a collecting tank". To stop earlier now would be the wrong signal for the young people, says the former youth worker of the city. In addition, the decision was too spontaneous for him and he was not informed either. Now the MIH had to cancel the last band of sunday. Funky music with "lickin stick – this would have been another welcome end to the old town festival.

But the people from the music initiative were not present at the meeting. "We thought, "it's all about the price of beer again", says smiley. It was also about him. The should, as the FT learned, remain constant at 5.50 euros per liter of beer in the second year. But the main point of the discussion was the times. And the decision was unanimous, says mayor hacker.

It was the wish of all those involved to stop earlier on sunday. This is due to the fact that various participants already start dismantling at 8 p.M. And also the guests are in the past years probably always gone earlier.

Engert: serving until 9 p.M
To the clubs that over all these years have not dismantled early, pays the fire department in the main street. This is confirmed by siegbert sendner, who was a co-leader for about two decades. If dismantling continues to start at eight o'clock in the evening, then the festival can be officially ended at that time, he says. But: "then they are not allowed to start at 6pm".

Gerd engert from the carnival club herzogenaurach also gladly agreed to the resolution. He sees it quite positively, because one is allowed to serve until 9 p.M. And loses only one hour, so to speak. And in the last hour there was hardly anything going on anyway. For engert, an end at 8 p.M. On sunday means an end to the music at 8 p.M.

The mayor also appeases. "The day does not have to end then. There is also gastronomy in the city". And the problem with the volunteers, who do not want to start dismantling the stand at a late hour on sunday evening, remains. In the facebook discussion, for example, sandra wustner also confirms this: "nevertheless, more and more have dismantled very early on sunday evening, because the helpers are missing during the night or on monday morning, unfortunately that's the way it is. Then the sunday evening seems very bleak".

What should not be lost in the debate: on saturday the meeting was extended by half an hour, as hacker points out: then it goes on until midnight. This moves smiley schonfelder to the following statement: "if it is allowed to go half an hour longer on saturday, then why not on friday too? And sunday can still be made until 10 p.M., when we are already there.".

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