Boring wait begins for tax-savvy hoeneb

Boring wait begins for tax-savvy Hoeneb

After the brief time-out during the exhilarating victory over FC barcelona, the long wait for the prosecutors has begun anew for tax underdog uli hoeneb.

"I cannot say when the investigations will be completed. There's simply no way of telling," said ken heidenreich, a spokesman for the public prosecutor's office in munich II, which is responsible for the explosive case.

Only one thing seems clear: the president of the german soccer record champions FC bayern munchen will be in the stadium for the champions league semifinal play-off on wednesday in spain – despite the warrant of arrest against him, which has been executed in full. "He will of course be there – as always," emphasized bayern media director markus horwick, anxious for normality.

The crucial question, however, is when the investigators will come to a decision on whether to press charges against hoeneb, thus increasing the pressure on the bavarian patriarch even further. A prison sentence, however, is "inconceivable" for bavarian honorary president franz beckenbauer. It should not come to that. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he'll be able to settle the matter," beckenbauer told the "bild" newspaper.

The public prosecutor's office is silent on this – as it is on the entire "content and course of the investigation," as spokesman heidenreich emphasized. Patience is the order of the day – also for hoeneb himself.

According to information from the dpa news agency, the case will be dealt with by the supervisory board of FC bayern AG next monday, according to current plans. The tax affair of club president and supervisory board chairman hoeneb and the further course of action are also to be discussed. Initially, it had been planned that the commitment of mario gotze from borussia dortmund would be in the center of attention. When asked, the association explained that no meeting of the committee was planned for monday.

Hoeneb has so far refused to resign from his post. On saturday, it became known that the munich public prosecutor's office II was investigating him on suspicion of tax evasion. In january, he had filed a self-disclosure with the tax office through his tax advisor in connection with an account in switzerland. In march, hoeneb, who lives at tegernsee, was even arrested before the end of the year. According to the "suddeutsche zeitung," the 61-year-old has a warrant for his arrest that has merely been suspended. This was confirmed to dpa from judicial circles.

Former DFB president theo zwanziger said he saw german soccer weakened by the tax scandal. "First of all, this process will throw us back internationally," he said in an interview with the "frankfurter allgemeine zeitung". "Who in asia, africa or the other confederations can still seriously believe that the germans are clean??"But the hoeneb case could also lead to a more transparent discussion "about appropriate remuneration, bonuses, taxes and honorary office," explained the former head of the german soccer association (dfb).

Bavaria's prime minister, horst seehofer (CSU), and the state government had already been informed about the investigations against hoeneb since january. This is the result of a response from the ministry of finance to a question from the head of the bavarian green party, martin runge. Accordingly, the ministry of finance was informed on 17. January uber hoeneb' selbstanzeige informiert, seehofer dann am 25. January about the investigation of the prosecutor's office, as it is stated in the letter published by runge on thursday. Three bavarian ministries were informed about the hoeneb proceedings: finance, justice and the interior.

The president of the federal fiscal court, rudolf mellinghoff, criticized a violation of tax secrecy in the hoeneb case. Every taxpayer must be able to rely on "the confidentiality and secrecy of tax officials being maintained," the former federal constitutional judge told the frankfurter allgemeine zeitung.

Hoeneb received encouragement from the dominik brunner foundation. "How can our society still have role models if we expect superhuman perfection from them in all areas of life?? A human being can act wrongly in some areas – and each of us makes mistakes ? And yet continue to serve as a role model in other areas," wrote the facility's board members in an open letter to the bavarian president. Hoeneb is an important donor to the foundation and also chairs the board of trustees. "As we have come to know you, we are convinced that you will take personal responsibility for your actions and face the public storm with vigor," the letter continued.

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