Changes for july: more money for pensioners and children

changes for july: more money for pensioners and children

Good news for vacationers: in july and august trucks are not allowed to drive even on saturdays. According to the federal government, the following legal changes will take place in july:

RENT: to the 1. July pension increases 4.25 percent in old countries and 5.95 percent in new countries. If you include the current low price increases, it is even the highest real pension increase since 1977. Pension insurance automatically transfers the higher old-age pensions. Utility payments will also be raised by 4.25 percent in the old and new federal states. Around 161,000 beneficiaries receive more money. These are mainly victims of war and military service, victims of vaccination and victims of violence.

KINDERZUSCHLAG: to the 1. In july, the child supplement for low-income earners will increase by 20 euros to a maximum of 160 euros per month. Child benefit and child allowance increased at the beginning of the year.

DRIVING BAN: in july and august, trucks will not be allowed to drive on saturdays either – the ban on driving on sundays and public holidays will be extended. 7.5-ton trucks or trucks with trailers are only allowed on heavily trafficked routes in exceptional cases between 07.00 and 20.00 o’clock traffic.

Compensation: compensation for people who contracted the hepatitis C virus during anti-D immunoprophylaxis in the GDR in 1978/79 increases from 1. July by 4,25 percent. The amount of compensation depends on the severity of the damage and can be up to 1261 euros per month.

GERMAN COURSES: THE FEDERATION FINANCES FROM 1. July language requirement for refugees with good prospects of remaining in germany. But EU citizens and german nationals with a migration background were also able to take part in job-related language courses.

CORRUPTION: for the first time, bribery and corruptibility in the health care sector will be punishable by law. The amendment to the penal code is reported to have been passed on july 4. June came into force.

Shipping companies: tax relief for shipping companies. They have been allowed to withhold payroll taxes since june. The reason for this is that only about 360 merchant ships still sail under the german flag. This wait-and-see trend is to be stopped.

Old electrical equipment: from 24. On july, large traders – including online traders – are obliged to take back old appliances such as cows or televisions free of charge when buying an equivalent appliance. Customers can return small items such as razors or cell phones without buying a new device. Municipal recycling centers and mobile phone providers also reportedly take back old devices free of charge.

INTERNET: consumers can make purchases from 1. July makes it easier to sign contracts via PC, tablet or smartphone on the internet throughout europe: the eu regulation on electronic identification and trust services creates uniform framework conditions for the cross-border use of electronic signatures. It also regulates the delivery of electronic registered mail and electronic seals and time stamps. New certificate for particularly trustworthy websites.

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