Enemy image becomes a beacon of hope

Enemy image becomes a beacon of hope

How quickly things change: who still talks about greta, who still argues about the bonpflicht that stirred up tempers at the beginning of the year??

Today is corona

Today is corona. The virus is omnipresent and, using dietmar hopp as an example, makes it clear just how fragile our society really is. Hopp is the enemy of many soccer ultras, who only a few weeks ago were mocking him as a capitalist in many stadiums. With the pandemic, however, the 79-year-old has now become a beacon of hope. Hopp is the majority owner of the tubingen-based biotech company curevac, which is apparently way ahead in the race to develop a vaccine. The hoffenheim mascot has even let U.S. President donald trump walk into the void, who wanted to secure exclusive rights to the new vaccine for a lot of money.

With morale

What spatestens there also the verblendetsten "fubball fan" it must have become clear: hopp, who has always called for social projects, is a capitalist with rough morals. Even those for whom he is a bogeyman are now allowed to wish him that his company will make a breakthrough in time. Then, perhaps, soccer fans could soon go to the stadium again without a care in the world.And topics such as the obligation to give bonuses were able to move into the limelight.

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