Escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life

Escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life

City curator of local history harald knobling had called and many people in the full petrinikirche had followed the call of the city curator of local history to the frankische weihnacht (french christmas). Harald knobling invited the audience to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life for two hours and the audience accepted the offer with thanks. With music, singing and stories, the performers transported the guests into a pre-christmas world, and many closed their eyes to let the music and singing take effect on them.

The first piece was performed by the kitzingen brass ensemble with a "andachtsjodler", followed by the hadeloga consort with historical instruments. Early on, the musicians revealed their talents with works from the 16th century. Until the 20. In the 21st century, the ABL wants its guests to experience a performance that is far removed from consumerist music. The musicians all played on a stage that was set up in the choir room of the protestant town church, the only exception being the singer sebastian eicke. From the organ, the singer and musicologist let his voice wander and sang the works of peter cornelius.

The performers interpreted several works by georg friedrich handel, but also pieces from the pen of wolfgang amadeus mozart or johann sebastian bach were not missing. Whether the accordion group of the music school or the brass ensemble, they performed the songs with their own charm. After several instrumental pieces, some young ladies from the choir of the armin knab high school took over the vocal component. Just outside the choir room, iris and frank bluhm were placed directly in front of the christmas crib. Her songs, performed with zither and guitar and composed by frank bluhm, were very piano and encouraged the several hundred listeners to go into themselves and let themselves fall mentally.

A contrast to the traditional musical pieces was provided by karin bohm, who read humorous and thought-provoking dialect poems. In her contribution "eemol a christkindle sei" she dealt with the question whether a christkindle could also be an old man with gray hair, in contrast to the common image of a young and handsome christkind with blond hair. She recited other poems by wilhelm wolpert, anneliese lussert and hanns rupp, which made the audience smile.

The finale of the french christmas, the tradition of which was founded by the former city curator siegfried schindler in 1971, was marked by the jointly sung song "O freudenreicher tag" (o joyful day), in which the participants joined with their audience to sing of the "kindelein mit viel tausend engelein" (little child with many thousands of little angels).

Harald knobling thanked dean hanspeter kern that the french christmas could take place in the petrini church. The audience applauded the performers and expressed that they had enjoyed it very much. Finally, knobling presented karin bohm and karin winkler with a bouquet of flowers. "Because karin bohm gave us an excellent introduction to the french dialect today," said the city’s local historian, and karin winkler was responsible for planning the program for the very successful evening.

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