Expansion of wustenfeldener strabe draws nearer

The wustenfeldener strabe will be renewed next year from the entrance to the town hall to the exit to wustenfelden. In the meeting of the town council, mayor jochen kramer announced that the extension of the circle road will probably start already in spring 2014. A full extension is planned, which is why the road will probably be closed to traffic during the construction work.

The renewal of the narrow, needle-ear-like main section in the upper village is one of the central points on the agenda of village renewal. Five years ago, the first section of the road was rehabilitated from the bend in the direction of birklingen, through the knee crusher and up the steep hill to the town hall. Now the county has given its approval to rehabilitate the entire remaining stucco up to the end of the village.

Castle meeting planned

The district takes over the planning, the municipality and the village renewal are involved in the process. The sidewalks will also be renewed, the street lamps will be replaced, and the energy-saving yellow light will be introduced. Before the real start, mayor kramer wants to hold a meeting with the residents, as well as a town hall meeting, to inform the citizens in detail about the project.

The meeting also approved the purchase of four new breathing apparatuses and ten breathing masks for the castell fire department. Commander stefan gegner explained details about the purchase, which corresponds to the latest technology that is currently on the market.

The citizens of wustenfelden must cast their vote in castell in the upcoming municipal elections in march. Mayor kramer announced that, according to the decision of the relevant ministry, polling stations in places with fewer than 120 voters will be closed. The polling station in the greuth district remains open. The head of the village also informed about the status of the water pressure concept, which is being prepared by the association of village treasuries for the nine participating municipalities. The planning costs amount to around 200,000 euros, about 80 percent of which will be covered by claim funds. For the communities remain costs of 6000 to 8000 euros.

In addition, the committee again granted a subsidy of 400 euros for local diaconal purposes. This aid is to be used for those in need in the community, the parish office is responsible for the distribution.

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