Film puts epilepsy in the spotlight

Film puts epilepsy in the spotlight

In the zeiler cinema will be held on saturday, 18. January, a special film afternoon took place. The lower franconian epilepsy advisory service will be showing the german feature film "back for good", in which the topic of epilepsy plays an important role. Start of the afternoon in the cinema is at 16.30 hrs. The event is offered in cooperation with the habberg clinics, the volkshochschule and the contact and information center for self-help groups (kos).

"Whimsical and shrill, but very responsible in the face of a serious issue!" What sounds a bit contradictory at first reading is for henrike staab a more than successful cinematic realization of a topic that in her opinion is still far too little present in the public: epilepsy. With "back for good this should change at least a little bit. "I really like the film", says staab about the 2017 film starring kim riedle, leonie wesselow and juliane kohler.

Exchange with experts

Social pedagogue staab takes care of epilepsy counseling in lower franconia on behalf of the juliusspital foundation. In the habberge district, too, regular counseling sessions are held in habfurt and hofheim. The film afternoon in the zeiler cinema is now intended as a further, targeted step to bring the subject of epilepsy closer to a wider public.

From 5 p.M. In the cinema, the award-winning german comedy "back for good" will be shown shown. The entrance fee is five euros, according to the organizer. From as early as 16.30 o’clock there is in the foyer of the "capitol" a small reception and information about the disease, among others from the self-help group "epilepsy. According to the organizers, after the screening there will be an opportunity to talk with victims and experts.

Ten people out of 100 affected

"Unfortunately, epilepsy is still a disease that is not free of prejudice and false information", says henrike staab. And this despite the fact that, according to estimates, around ten out of every 100 people suffer one of the seizures typical of the disease at least once in their lives. Statistically, everyone knows someone who suffers from epilepsy.

Even reality TV star angie, who in "back for good" is taking a drug detox for PR reasons, with the help of which she wants to put herself back in the limelight a bit more – after all, the aim is to get a place in the next jungle camp. A plan that doesn’t work. Because the competition in the world of B-list celebrities is tough.

Social isolation

When angie’s boyfriend and manager leave her, she has no choice but to move back in with her mother, monika. There she meets her pubescent sister kiki, who has to wear a helmet all day because of her epilepsy and suffers from the social isolation that comes with it. The two sisters slowly find their way back to each other.

But it is not until her mother is hospitalized that angie is forced to take real responsibility for her sister kiki.

What at first seems like a disaster could be a chance for the broken family. Director mia spengler succeeds, also due to the fantastic performance of kim riedle as angie, leonie wesselow as kiki and juliane kohler as the overprotective mother, to let angie’s world of B-list celebrities and the provinces collide again and again – also through the credible and authentic integration of social media. Thanks to clever dialogues, this results in highly amusing and entertaining moments time and again.

Missed opportunities

But the tragedy of the individual fates, with all the missed opportunities and unfulfilled dreams, also shines through in the individual scenes. With "back for good mia spengler has succeeded in making a mature and finely balanced film that tells its story with cheeky charm and touching honesty, says the organizer.

"The film does not only focus on epilepsy", reports henrike staab. "It also highlights, importantly for me, what the disease means for a family relationship." After all, it’s not just the sufferers who are affected, but also their families, who have to learn to cope with epilepsy and its consequences.

"It’s not always easy, but it can be done together. That comes out very well in ‘back for good’", finds the social pedagogue and hopes that on 18. January, as many people as possible will find their way to the zeiler cinema, so that those affected and those interested can talk to each other about epilepsy, but also laugh together.

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