Four and a half years in prison for tablet and cell phone fraud

Four and a half years in prison for tablet and cell phone fraud

A criminal division of the regional court sentenced an unemployed man (38) from the district of fulda to four years and six months in prison for forging documents and committing 531 counts of fraud. The name of his accomplice, whom no one has seen, was not mentioned by the former innkeeper, allegedly for fear of reprisals. He also does not know what happened to the money, because the colleague who had the say, only after the conclusion of the action "half-half" wanted to make.

As an advertisement for their online store, the scammers had a "good seal" bought and to get good reviews on the internet, the first 40 orders also train delivered. After that, despite the transfer of the purchase amount, the customers did not receive the goods.

Before the defendant left for greece, when the complaints started piling up by phone and e-mail, he had covered up all traces in the office. The police were unable to find any fingerprints on the toilet seat, the mailbox or a window handle. The janitor of the apartment complex remembered exactly that he had last seen the tenant doing cleaning work, wearing household gloves, a spray bottle and a rag. It wasn't until months later, in january 2013, that a mug shot on the ZDF program "aktenzeichen XY ungelost" put us on the trail of the accused.

Stolen passport
According to the defendant, the slow handling of his hartz IV application was the reason why he accepted the offer of an acquaintance to "roberto manzo" with an italian passport and with his personal details registered the internet store, opened bank accounts and rented an office in wurzburg.
A photo of the defendant was included in the genuine passport reported stolen by the owner, a difference of plus eleven centimeters in body size was not noticed anywhere.

When he decided to take part in the internet scam, his family went hungry, the defendant claimed, because they had no money to buy groceries. This could not be completely true, according to the court, because with the money of the cell phone buyers, the defendant first bought gold bars at the bank.

Only command receivers?
Allegedly, according to the former innkeeper, he was only a receiver of orders. Every other day, he cleared out the business accounts with the customers' money, put the money in a backpack and exchanged the backpack with his boss at the train station in fulda. He was allowed to keep 500 to 1000 euros for each trip to the bank in wurzburg. Investigators suspect unknown boss in family circle. The defendant's wife was also the subject of an investigation into cell phone use on the internet, and a friend of the defendant, who was temporarily living with him, was sentenced to two years' imprisonment for internet-related offences.

However, according to one party to the proceedings, it could not be ruled out that there was a "second man" there were none at all.

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