Self-picking fields in hochstadt: the business of honesty

Self-picking fields in hochstadt: the business of honesty

Silvia and dieter pahner snake their way through the rows of colorful gladioli and tall sunflowers in the flower field on the B470. Flowers to pluck herself "that’s something great", silvia pahner thinks. Three stems of gladioli she cut off. One costs 80 cents, as does a sunflower. The pahners have no understanding for the fact that customers don’t throw money into the cash register there. The advantage of the self-picking fields, as the couple finds: the flowers come fresh from the field and are not imported from abroad.

Since 2013, heidi kaiser has been planting the flower field on the B 470 near gremsdorf. In eichenhof (district of. Bamberg), the trained farmer runs a farm with a cafe and farm shop. In total, she takes care of 20 self-planted fields, from bamberg via hirschaid to nurnberg. Twice a week, she drives through the region, empties the cash registers and checks up on things. "I earn money with it, otherwise I would not do it", says kaiser.

A whole field cut off

Nevertheless, problems do not remain unavoidable: in the nurnberger land a whole field has already been cut off once. "And then sold them on", assumes kaiser. In general, however, she is satisfied: "hochstadt is an honest area." She likes the location between the highway and the B 470, so many potential customers pass by the field.

At schonwetterstrabe, a few meters away in the direction of hochstadt, farmer gunther geyer also relies on the honesty of his customers. In a wooden cart he sells potatoes, cucumbers and cucumbers. The cucumbers cost between 50 cents and two euros, depending on the coarseness, zucchini are available from 50 cents. At least once a day, the farmer from kieferndorf stops by the stand, brings new vegetables and empties the cash register.

But sometimes only a few cents fall out of it. "They are always the same", says geyer. These are customers who take something but don’t spend any money on it. Or just a few cents to avoid attracting attention. But this does not happen regularly. With a rough sign in the stand, he appeals to the conscience of passers-by. "There are good days and bad days", says geyer.

But he is actually satisfied. Especially before halloween the cucumbers are sold out. "I do it because it’s already a bit profitable", says geyer. It is not profitable to stand at the stand and sell yourself. His yard is also open for shopping – but not as many people pass by as on schonwetterstrabe.

Cheaper than in the supermarket

Like annette schulz. She bought a two-kilo bag of potatoes at the stand. She has to put two euros in the cash register. An unbeatable price, she thinks. In the supermarket the potatoes are more expensive. Of course, one must always have some small change at hand for this, does not get changed like in a supermarket. But schulz thinks: "for two euros you do not have to get caught."

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