Some corners still underserved

Some corners still underserved

Data streams on the global internet double every two years. Full coverage is important, especially in rural areas, as the number of modern workplaces at home is growing and online trade is increasing. For this reason, consultant joachim forst (forst-consult, wurzburg) recommended to the ramsthal town council at its meeting on thursday that the step-by-step expansion of the fiber optic network be started without delay. "It will take several years and cost a lot of money." But internet use is showing "tremendous dynamism", which the municipality will have to face.

Feasibility analysis

A few months ago, the consulting firm specializing in broadband expansion and network planning was commissioned by the euerdorf administrative community to prepare a situation and feasibility analysis for its member communities. Joachim forst now presented the results to the councilors. Currently, broadband is available in the community, but it does not cover the entire area for a long time. The settlers’ farms, in particular, are absolutely underserved with minimal bandwidth. The other households are also only served by outdated lines, but not by fiber optic cables with unlimited line capacity.
The supply of the housing estates, which is to be carried out in the short term, is subsidized by the bavarian demand program with 80 percent, forst recommended a corresponding application by september at the latest. After that, there will probably be a new demand program, the expert assumed, but it is not yet known under what conditions. Further expansion of fiber-optic supply should then follow step by step in the coming years. Forst: "because once you have fiber optics, the municipality has peace of mind for 20 years."
The consultant emphasized that further deep-tree surveys are to be carried out with the help of federal and state programs and with the participation of the network operators, and new construction areas are to be developed for fiber-optic supply as a matter of principle. In the case of future street tree removals, the municipality should in any case first lay empty pipes at its own expense. These costs could later be offset with future network operators who want to use these pipes for their own purposes.

Many roads are being torn up

If the municipality wants to provide all households with a future-proof network connection, the old cables in ramsthal will have to be replaced and almost 125 kilometers of fiber optic cable laid, the consulting firm has calculated. However, it will take several years before full coverage is achieved "because many roads have to be torn up". However, there is a lack of civil engineering companies. Many construction companies from all european countries are already working on fiber optic expansion in germany.
After a short discussion, the council agreed with the recommendation of forst-consult and unanimously instructed the administration to first supply the settlers’ farms with fiber optics and to issue the necessary call for tenders.

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