Support for the bikers

Support for the bikers

"Slowed down! – what now?" This was the motto of the ecumenical biker service on saturday at the camper site at the city wall in ebern.

The service, which is now in its 16th year, was organized by. Rudolf theiler and the two pastors gerhard goller and bernd grosser. Music was provided by the church band "on the road.

This time, the usual get-together with bratwurst and drink afterwards, which was not possible due to the corona, was slowed down. Unique was probably also the reception, where the data of the visitors were collected. But also the seating arrangement was different than usual, so that the guests could keep the required minimum distance outside their own families.

The theme of this year’s service was the corona situation, which not only slows down bikers, but actually everyone, but also offers opportunities if you take advantage of them.

But corona was not the only topic. How could it, when pastor gerhard goller is a self-confessed biker and a ban on driving on sundays and public holidays is currently being discussed?. Like many other bikers, he is not enthusiastic about it. Work is done during the week, so you want to get the machine out on sunday, he said.

The bullnheimer family was also slowed down, as heike bullnheimer explains. Orders were canceled, the children could not pursue their hobbies, they spent a lot of time at home with each other, which was not easy. And alfred neugebauer was thwarted, as he wanted to travel to taize again this year. But there the emergency brake was pulled and everything was cancelled.

Recognizing the opportunities

The sermon dealt with the question of whether this being slowed down also entails dangers. What was clearly affirmed, since the restrictions cause anger, rage and aggression in many people. But there is also the other side of the coin. Namely that it was and is good to pause, to reflect, to get a new view on life and to hope for a positive change. Pastor bernd grosser told of the apostle paulus, who was also thwarted by being taken to prison again and again. But four of his letters from the new testament he wrote exactly there. They did not arise in the high phases of his life, but where he had come to rest. Thus, in prison, he wrote letters that became the founding document of the christian faith. The church itself has also been rolling out new ideas as far as services are concerned, such as online services and car services.

Father rudolf theiler gave a dry blessing to the bikers and their vehicles, as is not known from him. Due to corona it was not possible to do otherwise.

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