The head must run with it

The head must run with it

Have you asked yourself today what was positive about this day? Nothing? This does not exist. Especially when a lot has gone wrong on a day and it seems to have been a disaster, there is at least one little thing that was nevertheless good. Or one of these small catastrophes had something good as a consequence. And if it is only a lesson that one draws from it.
This is what markus sube, mental trainer from coburg, germany, says. He mentally prepared some of the participants of the "lauf-geht’s" program for the challenge of the half marathon in one morning. Because physical preparation is not everything. Even more important is the will, says sube. This will allow us to achieve our goals.

Mr. Sube, what is possible when the mind wants something badly enough??
From my own experience and my sport I can say without a doubt: your body can do more than you think. So is one of my principles: "your thinking will guide you", no matter if negative or positive. How can a sad face turn into a funny joke??

Faith moves mountains, they say. Is this really possible?? Knowledge establishes facts, belief creates facts. If I believe in something very strongly, it will happen, negatively as well as positively. In the end result the self-determining prophecy.

How did you get into mental training?
There is no coincidence, but life is fate. I couldn’t finish my first long run in 2004 because I wasn’t strong enough in my head. My negative thoughts had already conquered my body beforehand and so I started, but everything that did not go well confirmed these thoughts and the body and I dropped out. My head and body have processed it only later. I had a colleague who has been working on this topic for a long time, and it was with him that i experienced my first mental training session. And may say, it works.

What is mental training anyway? What does it do?
The key to happiness. The intensive training for discovering and using the power of thought. You increase your concentration and imagination, you are in contact with your power source, the subconscious mind.

How have you changed as a result of the mental training??
My environment, my personal situation, my attitude and many other things have changed very positively. And I laugh more often.

In what situation has your mental strength saved you??
There are situations in life when you are afraid, you experience unpleasant things, simply things that you do not wish for. Now I accept these and process them with a positive outlook. It is not always easy, but god is giving me a task/challenge because he wants to develop me. Sometimes you don’t understand this at the time, because the resolution comes later. But my mental strength saves me every day. Of course there are also moments when I get restless, loud or totally angry because it doesn’t work out. Here, however, I can now decide for myself, through the training of the levels of consciousness, whether I want to do this or whether I would rather solve the problem in peace and quiet. Sometimes it is also good to let the frustration run its course.

When you’ve had this kind of mental training, you think very differently?
It is not that simple, because mental training is, as the word says, a training. If i want to change, if i want to discard patterns i have – perhaps because they weigh me down – then i have to work on it.

How much does the head play a part in whether I achieve my goal, in this case running a half marathon??
The training – running, gymnastics, stretching – for the half marathon is just as crucial as the head. If the head doesn’t want to play, the body has to work harder and that’s torture.

The questions were asked by corinna igler and lisa kieslinger

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