The secondary school in hofheim is being renovated

The secondary school in Hofheim is being renovated

The habberge district council’s construction and traffic committee met on thursday afternoon at the jacob curio secondary school in hofheim. The renovation of the building was also the only item on the agenda during the public meeting.

Beforehand, principal stefan wittmann gave the committee a tour of the school building and explained that the hofheim secondary school is one of the smallest in bavaria, but produces some of the best graduates. Digital networking is also already well advanced. Every classroom has an internet connection, and the green blackboards of the past have been obsolete for ten years. Today, teaching is done with a multimedia board that can be imagined as a 2.2-meter-wide smartphone.

Wittmann expressed one wish to the district council members. Since there is no event room in the school and there is a useless inner courtyard in the entrance area, it would be possible to include this structurally, according to the principal. District administrator wilhelm schneider (CSU), however, had to reject the request: "we have no money for a cure, because we are currently investing 75 million euros in the schools in the district." Moreover, according to schneider, there would probably be no requirement for such alterations, the investment for which would then have to be borne by the district alone.

In the actual meeting in the sign hall of the secondary school, the head of the district building department, eva mangold, and architect jurgen bergmann explained the energy renovation of the roof and the central heating system as well as the fire protection upgrade. The flat-pitched gable roofs of building sections A and B currently have bitumen roofing, which will be replaced by warm-dam trapezoidal sheet metal roofing. The affected flat roof areas of building D and the administration building are being rebuilt with thermal insulation using mineral wool and a plastic waterproofing system. Finally, the renovated roof areas will be equipped with a lightning protection system and connected to the existing system.

The heating system in the basement of the building will be completely dismantled. The heating center will then be rebuilt with the installation of a heat generator with condensing boiler technology, speed-controlled high-efficiency pumps and the construction of a new heat distribution system. After the installation of a new measurement and control system and the adaptation of the electrical installations, the connection to the existing heating network and the commissioning of the system will follow.

The existing gypsum plasterboard ceilings with wooden substructures in the corridors of building sections B and D do not meet the fire protection requirements. The affected areas will be demolished and fire-protection measures taken. This mainly concerns the ceiling construction as such, but also the fire loads in the intermediate ceilings.

For the above-mentioned measurements, the architectural firm bergmann, which took over the object planning of the building, and the planning firm baur consult (specialist planning of the technical equipment) calculated total costs of around 1,067,000 euros. The district has successfully applied for funding from the municipal investment program for school infrastructure (KIP-S) and expects to receive over 648,000 euros in funding. The district must therefore contribute 419,000 euros from its own resources. The committee of the district council unanimously approved the cost calculation and gave the order to submit a request for proposals.

The district council also took a short tour of the former district hospital in hofheim. The upper floor is currently undergoing renovation work, so that it will probably be possible to accommodate some of the district office’s specialist departments here from winter 2020. Food monitoring, the veterinary office and the registration office will have their new home here in the future, as will the habberge nature park office. District administrator wilhelm schneider emphasized that he very much welcomed this solution, as it would considerably shorten internal routes.

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