Thomas kock receives mulheim dramatist award

thomas kock receives mulheim dramatist award

The austrian author thomas kock receives for his piece "paradies spielen (abendland). A abgesang)" this year’s mulheim dramatist award.

After about two hours of public discussion on a theater stage in mulheim, a majority of the jury decided on saturday evening to award the prize of 15,000 euros to the 32-year old. His work is about the inhumanity of globalization and the threat of climate change. The jury praised him for the excellent way he combined the rough world-shaking themes with concrete human experience.

Kock beat out six other new plays, including "am konigsweg" by elfriede jelinek. In the play, which has been performed on numerous stages, the austrian nobel prize winner (71) takes aim at the incumbent U.S. President, donald trump, and asks about the reasons for his election. It received the undoped audience award of the 43. Mulheim theater days.

Kock’s interwoven piece "playing paradise" is a kind of hymn to human civilization in three installments. Topics include the exploitation of chinese workers in italian textile factories or the failure of a small family. Jury members praised the way the author addresses big issues with small hints. "It describes how empathy is lost," said theater critic till briegleb. The individual stories are "unbelievably affectionate and cleverly connected". The intendant of the schauspiel hannover, lars-ole walburg, emphasized that behind the negative descriptions there is also a yearning. "The man has humor on a bad subject."

For the nomination, a selection committee reviewed a total of 150 new theater texts and attended 80 performances. Seven productions were invited to mulheim and since the 12. May at the 43. Mulheim theater days were shown. Also present were ibrahim amir with "homohalal", rebekka kricheldorf with "fraulein agnes", thomas melle with "versetzung", maria milisavljevic with "beben" and ewald palmetshofer with "vor sonnenaufgang". Kock’s play was performed in mulheim by the nationaltheater mannheim. It was first performed there in december 2017.

The dramatist award is considered one of the most important awards for theater authors. It has been awarded annually since 1976. The prizes will be awarded on 24. June in mulheim during a matinee performance.

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