United in the fight against addiction

United in the fight against addiction

Over four million people in germany are in urgent need of treatment for addiction. The disease is not seldom so far advanced that from existence-threatening or even life-threatening situations must be assumed, it is in a press release of the aischgrunder therapy facility laufer muhle.

In order to help quickly and efficiently, professional institutions such as counseling centers, clinics, therapy centers and aftercare facilities work together to ensure that every addict can receive appropriate treatment at any time by offering tailored services with comprehensive coverage. For the erlangen, herzogenaurach, furth and hochstadt area, the klinikum am europakanal and the laufer muhle provide care for severely addicted people and offer a treatment chain that ranges from qualitative detoxification, de-housing, therapy and aftercare to professional reintegration.

In order to ensure that the many different forms of support interlock smoothly and that the process steps remain precisely coordinated, the various specialist disciplines of the two cooperation partners repeatedly check the effectiveness of their services. Currently, the doctors, social workers and psychologists of the district hospital together with the therapists, nurses and skilled workers from the laufer muhle addressed the problem of the rapidly growing drug abuse of young people with dangerous chemical substances. These can easily be ordered free of charge via the so-called darknet and have therefore become extremely widespread.

"The brain damage suffered by young drug addicts is serious and in some cases irreversible, which greatly restricts their personal future prospects and sometimes even destroys their career prospects", says senior physician ute hamers from erlanger hospital. The experts are unanimous in their assessment that the use of drugs in society, especially in the social media and forums, is not only alarmingly played down, but in some cases even glorified. "It arouses the curiosity of young people and leads them straight into dependence", michael thiem, managing director of the aischgrund facility, said.

Franz gotz, head of the patient admissions department at the laufer muhle, can report that the therapy center in adelsdorf has been responding to this development for some time now with "new support services for young addicts with brain-organic disorders". Our work here is now much more low-threshold, as the stress level of these young people is very low."

Close cooperation with the erlanger fachkrankenhaus makes it possible to provide close-knit medical and psychiatric care. The new drugs were becoming more and more unpredictable and often triggered psychotic episodes. "We are increasingly concerned to see young people taking such dangerous risks with their health and their own lives, so gotz.

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