When will strabe be rehabilitated?

When will strabe be rehabilitated?

The hall of the "old peter" inn langensendelbach was packed when burgermeister oswald siebenhaar () opened the burgers’ meeting. Siebenhaar spoke to the 100 or so visitors about completed and future projects in the municipal area.

One of the topics was the new drinking water elevated tank, which was built as a barn structure with stainless steel boilers and will be inaugurated in the first quarter of 2020. About 900 000 euro were invested. Since the storage capacity of the existing elevated tank was no longer sufficient due to the consumption development of the increasing number of residents, the drinking water supply had to be adjusted.

"We have also invested a lot of money in childcare", balance seven har. In the meantime, the addition of a kindergarten group to the existing kindergarten st. Peter and paul completed. However, further extensions are no longer possible at this location.

In brauningshof, too, it was determined that the existing spaces in the daycare center were no longer sufficient. Construction of the extension is scheduled to start in may 2020.

In the discussion, there was no fundamental criticism of the municipal plans. Only one citizen asked whether there was sufficient parking space for the assisted living facility being discussed on the former building yard site. Mayor siebenhaar could only say that no concrete answers were available yet, since the municipal council was first going into retreat and there was also no detailed planning yet.

14 months ago, mayor oswald siebenhaar wrested a promise from minister-president markus soder (CSU) that the road from langensendelbach to effeltrich, which is in a miserable condition, would be rehabilitated. "When will the restoration of the trenches begin??", was now asked. "Many people ask themselves that", siebenhaar replied, "the citizens of the neighboring community of effeltrich also wanted a sensible connection. You can say so much that the strabenbauamt bamberg has already taken action by starting the planning for the expansion of the strabe. However, some preliminary work is necessary."

Soil samples will have to be taken at sites owned by the trenches department to test the strength of the subsoil. This is necessary, because 5300 vehicle movements – heavy trucks, buses and cars – were paid – with increasing frequency.

Cycle path parallel to the road

Since the planned bicycle path must run parallel to the road, a prescribed safety distance from the body of the road must be maintained, explained siebenhaar. A slight straightening of the curves is also planned. "The most important though", explained siebenhaar "is the willingness of the landowners to exchange or sell needed land."

The strabenbauamt bamberg has also signaled that it wants to negotiate with the owners at eye level. First of all, it has to be calculated how much land is actually needed for the bicycle path and the safety distance. For this the planning must be waited for. Only then will we talk to the owners.

The traffic safety obligation like the winter service is taken over by the road construction office. During the trench renovation will be a complete closure necessary. The construction time is expected to be one year, said siebenhaar. When the planning is done, the citizens will be informed about it.

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