Why the christmas lights in bamberg are not self-evident

why the christmas lights in bamberg are not self-evident

Alfons distler finds clear words: "everyone wants christmas lights, but no one wants to pay for them", says the chairman of the city marketing association. It is all the more important that an initiative was founded twelve years ago to light up the streets of bamberg’s city center during the advent season.
A large part of the money, amounting to about 25,000 euros a year, comes from the bamberg public utility company. The outgoing managing director, klaus rubach, was at the local meeting in konigstrabe for the last time this year, as he is retiring. Rubach emphasized that lighting is also part of the quality of life in the city and the district. With the "star not only did the municipal utilities mark their buses, but also the store owners marked their stores.

The talk is of a dina 5 rough sticker, a golden star on a red background with the inscription: "christmas lights – we’re on it." And who is that exactly? In addition to the municipal utilities and the city marketing association, the city of bamberg, omexom frankenluk gmbh, sparkasse bamberg and the interessengemeinschaft konigstrabe/luitpoldstrabe and the interessengemeinschaft lange strabe are also taking part. They are all members of the "bamberger bundnis’ fur die weihnachtsbeleuchtung" (bamberger alliance for christmas lighting).

Without lighting does not work

The city marketing manager klaus stieringer noted at the site meeting that "many other cities" have already adopted this system. He also said: "it’s impossible to imagine christmas in bamberg without street lighting."

We start collecting money for the lighting as early as august. As jan giersberg, spokesman for the municipal utility, notes, it’s not even the electricity that accounts for 25.000 euro will be collected. "The waiting and hanging is not to be underestimated. It’s not that easy."

So the lights will be checked again and again during the coming weeks, so that they can still be used until the 6. January conjure up a christmas glow in the city – several thousand little lanterns.

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